Gearing Up for the Court vs COVID-19

Tips for a safe return to the courts:

Life is starting to move on under various precautions, and as different cities around the world start to return to normal, people have been indirectly forced to internalize new habits to be implemented into daily routines.

As it is known, the Covid 19 will stay indefinitely and the best way to stop the spread while we return to our normal activities is taking care of ourselves, not just to keep yourself safe but others.

Is there any way to practice Tennis safely? That’s a question that so many people have during these days, and for the benefit of all, Tennis is one of the sports that easily allows players to practice social distancing without interfering with the game. Here are some essential tips for a safe return to the courts:

1. Prepare your Kit before you leave

  • Bring any essential cleaning supplies: Hand sanitizer and alcohol/disinfectant wipes
  • Wear a mask: use a mask to cover your mouth and nose before and after the game.
  • Each Player should bring no more than six balls: be sure to mark your balls so you can easily recognize them during the game. Each player should use their own balls for their service to limit the players from touching the same object.
  • Extra overgrip: Bring an extra overgrip so you are able to replace it at the end of the game.
  • Bring your own towel: Be sure to store it in a clean and safe place to use in-between sets or after the game. If possible try to disinfect hands before using the towel in case you have touched objects other than your own around the court.
  • Use headbands and wrist sweatbands: this will reduce the need to touch your face to remove sweat.
  • Bring your bottle of water: try to use personal water bottles to avoid touching water fountains that may be located nearby.

2. During the game:

  • Just Singles: please limit your matches to singles, practising social distancing (At least 6 feet away) is still one of the major priorities of most countries and cities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 so abide by their rules and keep it to singles only!
  • Serve with your balls: use your previously marked balls and your opponent should also have their own set of balls to use for his service.
  • Pick up balls safely: the best way to do it is with your racquet, so you avoid touching the floor.
  • Don’t touch your face: this is one of the hardest tasks, but try to keep yourself conscious about it, remember that the transmission of the virus occurs through the mucosa (eyes, nose, mouth).
  • Switch sides safely: if you want to switch sides, please try to do it by the opposite side of your opponent.

3. After the game:

  • No shaking hands: you can show respect to your opponent in so many different ways, please avoid contact with your opponent after the game.
  • Use separate benches: this is another way to maintain social distancing during and after the game while also preventing the players from touching the same objects to avoid any unwanted transfers of bacteria.
  • Wash your hands: use the hands sanitizer to disinfect your hands and your forearm.
  • Clean your racquet: use the wipes to clean your racquet.
  • Replace your overgrip: use the extra overgrip before you put the racquet in your bag.
  • Avoid locker rooms: try not to use locker rooms, showers or changing area.
  • Go home: After the game please go home and take a shower.

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